Each employee, officer and director of J. Kent Staffing is expected to adhere to a high standard of ethical conduct. The reputation and good standing of the Company depend on how the Company’s business is conducted and how the public perceives that conduct. Unethical actions, or the appearance of unethical actions, are not acceptable. In addition to each of the directives set forth below, each employee, officer and director shall be guided by the following principles in carrying out their duties and responsibilities on behalf of the Company:
  • Loyalty, Honesty and Integrity. Employees, officers and directors must not be, or appear to be, subject to influences, interests or relationships that conflict with the best interests of the Company.
  • Observance of Ethical Standards. When carrying out their duties and responsibilities on behalf of the Company, employees, officers and directors must adhere to the high ethical standards described in this Code.
  • Accountability. Employees, officers and directors are responsible for their own adherence and the adherence of the other employees, officers and directors to whom this Code applies. They should familiarize themselves with each provision of this Code.

Please click on the links below to read more about specific directives in regards to our governance:

III. Corporate Opportunities
IV. Confidentiality
V. Fair Dealing
VI. Protection and Proper Use of Company Assets
VII. Equal Opportunity Employment and Policy Against Harassment
VIII. Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations
X. American Staffing Association Code of Ethics