J. Kent Gervasini, President

In July 1979, I started a professional Denver staffing agency and a direct hire contingency search firm called J. Kent Staffing with five goals in mind:

  1. One central Denver location.
  2. Build a respected, independent staffing firm with a small team of staffing experts able to effectively execute ever changing staffing best practices and technologies.
  3. Provide value to Denver employers by continually sourcing and vetting the best employees available in our Denver marketplace.
  4. Provide hands-on, day-to-day staffing operations management while continuing to connect with clients.
  5. Remain connected to the Denver civic community. 

Founder, Owner & President - J. Kent Staffing
I have drawn upon my extensive Denver staffing experience working with top-tier employers (entrepreneurs with creative start-up operations to small, mid-size, national and Fortune 500 companies) to recruit and staff their key positions. When I started J. Kent in 1979, 75% of our clients came from the oil and gas industry, today our Functional Expertise (accounting and finance, administrative, business operations, customer service, human resources, marketing etc.). and Industry Expertise continues to span across many sectors as industries expand and contract.

My Career as a Denver Recruiter
I understand the on-going complexities of staffing and recruiting in a dynamic growth industry that is subject to ever changing employment laws to include The Affordable Care Act. Colorado Minimum Wage Laws and Colorado's recently enacted marijuana laws. New technologies are creating greater efficiencies, and at the same time those technologies also spur robust global competion for the best and the brightest. YDenver employers compete for talent in a global economy. There is no doubt that in this new international ball game we need a diverse, flexible and nimble set of staffing strategies.  American's talent pool is shrinking, and to address budgets in either expanding or contracting economies, it will become increasingly more important for employers to understand how to use temporary or temp-to-hire staffing or direct hire contingency search to their competitive advantage. 

I also understand the spirited Denver employment marketplace from the job seeker’s perspective. Whether you’re a motivated professional looking for that next career progression, a recent college graduate entering the business world, or a retiree searching for flexibility offered by temporary or part-time work finding a position that aligns with your personal and professional goals is key to your personal happiness.  Whether you are an employer looking to hire, or a job seeker looking for a new Denver employment opportunity, at J. Kent Staffing we are always pursuing exceptional Denver jobs and recruitng top talent.

History of Managing Large and Complex Staffing Contracts
My career has spanned across multiple decades and I have had the extensive experience managing large administrative and professional staffing and recruiting contracts: BBC Research, Bechtel Corporation (DIA contractor), City and County of Denver, Charter Communications, Cricket Communications, Denver Transit Constructors – (Eagle P3 Project), Denver Transit Operators, Denver Public Schools, Denver Water, Nustats, RTD, United Cable, US West (14 states), just to name a few.

Denver Staffing Within an Informed Global Perspective
I have lived in Europe, Canada, and the United States and have traveled abroad extensively. I have also had the good fortune, and unusual opportunity to experience hospital systems and diverse business operations in the jungles of Ecuador, South America, in China in the cities of Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Beijing, Xian, Guilin, and in England and Ireland. These experiences have broadened my global perspective and have allowed me to operate a small staffing company in Denver within an informed national and international context. 

Golf and Business - A Test of Character and Scrupulous Honesty
Late in life, I was introduced by a wonderful friend to the game of golf, a sport that I believed to be boring, too slow and would not hold my attention. I have found that not to be true.  On the golf course or involved in day-to-day staffing operations, I am constantly challenged and excited to see the day unfold. I have found that the game of golf, just like executing staffing best practices is constantly a test of character.  So what's my next tee time.


The 21st Century is incredibly exciting, and it’s gaining steam with innovation driven by creative American minds. The diverse workplace of today is like no other.