Memberships & Diversity

We strongly believe that an organization achieves excellence when its workplace is inclusive of all individuals.

Our diversity efforts reflect J. Kent’s commitment to equal employment opportunity and ensure that we are able to maintain an active network of contacts in key communities. At J. Kent employment agency, we work hard to bring forward candidates of exceptional qualifications and abilities of all backgrounds.

J. Kent’s Hiring Policy

J. Kent Staffing, Inc. (“the Company’) will make reasonable efforts to recruit, assess, and select job applicants based on predetermined qualifications that do not arbitrarily discriminate against any qualified person. It is our intent under this policy to hire individuals based on their overall qualifications and ability to perform the essential functions of a specific position, with or without reasonable accommodation. It is the responsibility of the Company’s management team to ensure that this policy is carried out in the most efficient, timely, and lawful manner and that everyone involved in the hiring process treats all applicant information confidentially, and that the Company complies with all government regulations pertaining to equal opportunity.


J. Kent Staffing understands the importance of actively engaging outside of its office to effectively connect with our professional membership groups. In order to maintain current, informed relationships in the metro area, J. Kent is a member of the following organizations:

Social Media Advertising

At J. Kent Staffing, we recognize the value of a diverse Candidate Pool and employer base. To reach a broad demographic of candidates and employers, we target Linked In, Facebook and Twitter.