Colorado Recruiting Zone - Golden


Golden Highlights

  • Incorporated in 1871
  • 46.3% of residents have a college degree
  • Historic, vibrant downtown area


  • Population: 18,955
  • Median Age: 33
  • Land Area: 9 square miles
  • County: Jefferson

Environmental Attractions

  • 253 acres of parks and 377 acres of open space
  • Wide variety of biking and hiking trails

Fun Facts

  • The popular Jolly Rancher candy was invented in Golden.

Arts & Culture

  • Approximately 2.5 million visitors are attracted to the Golden area each year; to destinations such as:
    • Heritage Square (619,300)
    • Golden Gate State Park (543,355)
    • Buffalo Bill's Museum (526,900)
    • Coors Brewery Tours (302,650)
    • Colorado Railroad Museum (49,106)
    • Mother Cabrini Shrine (90,000)

Major Employers

  • Coors Brewery
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • American Mountaineering Center

Economic Development

  • Golden’s Chamber of Commerce offers a small business grant program to encourage private investment in existing commercial structures and areas in order to assist these areas in attracting and retaining tenants and customers.
  • Personalized assistance is available through the City Planning and Development Department and the Golden Urban Renewal Authority to help identify available land and existing space for locating a business.
  • Golden has easy access to nearby Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport, a general aviation air transport facility located in northeastern Jefferson County. Passenger traffic generally uses Denver International Airport in northeastern Denver