All About Your Timesheet

How do I get a Timesheet?

  • Timesheets are available online, on demand at J. Kent’s website.
  • You can print a weekly Timesheet directly from our website.

What is the Timesheet deadline?

  • Deadline: Sunday at midnight
  • No Deadline exceptions - late Timesheets processed following week

Are there any exceptions to this Timesheet deadline?

  • No, there are no exceptions.

When does J. Kent recommend sending in your Timesheet?

  • J. Kent strongly recommends that you submit your completed Timesheet immediately on the day the assignment ends. For example, if your assignment ends on Wednesday at 5:00 pm, submit your Timesheet as soon as our Employer Client has approved and signed for your hours.
  • See “How do I send in my Timesheet?” for 3 ways to submit.

How do I complete the Timesheet?

  • Print/Type your name clearly
  • Print/Type the week ending date (the work week always ends at midnight on Sunday)
  • Round daily and total weekly hours to nearest 1/4 hour (.25, .50, .75)
  • Your Signature and our Employer Client‘s Signature are required for processing

If I work more than one (1) assignment do I need one (1) Timesheet for each assignment?

  • Yes, you must submit one Timesheet for each assignment. For example, if you work two (2) assignments during the week, you will need to submit two (2) separate Timesheets.
  • Timesheet submitted with multiple assignments will not be processed.

How do I send in my Timesheet?

  • Scan and email your Timesheet to:, or fax to 303-777-0972
  • 24 hour mail drop – you may drop off your Timesheet in person at 500 Downing Street; the mail drop slot is located on the west side of the office building.

Can I get paid without the authorized Employer representative’s signature?

  • No, you cannot get paid without our client’s signature.

What if my Client Supervisor is not available to sign my Timesheet?

  • Your Timesheet can only be processed with both your and the Employer’s authorized representative signatures.
  • It is your responsibility to get your Timesheet approved and signed by the Employer’s authorized representative.
  • It is your responsibility to advise your Staffing Manager immediately if you are not able to get your Timesheet signed for the week.
  • If your Timesheet does not meet the weekly Timesheet Deadline, you will not be paid that week.
  • Your Timesheet will be processed the pay period after both signatures are obtained.