Employee Center - Forms

Please see the dropdown menu for a complete listing of forms used by J. Kent Staffing.  If you are unsure of what form you need to fill out, please call J. Kent Staffing at 303.777.7734 for further direction. 

Completed forms can either be faxed to the J. Kent Staffing office at 303.777.0972, or scanned and emailed to your J. Kent Staffing Manager.


Timesheet   Weekly timesheet to be used by J. Kent Employees
Direct Deposit / Paycard   Paycheck funds are deposited directly into your bank account or Paycard
I-9   To document employment authorization
W-4   To determine amount of tax to withhold from your paycheck
Change of Information   To formally request a change to your information on file 
Request for W-2   To formally request an additional W-2 (fees may apply)