While On Assignment

Absences Or Tardiness

In case of sickness or an emergency that will cause you either to be absent or late for your Assignment or to leave your Assignment earlier than your scheduled Work Hours on a given day, you must notify your J. Kent Supervisor. Notice must be given not later than 7:00 a.m. on that business day in order for J. Kent to find a suitable replacement for you, as may be requested by the Client. Call your J. Kent Supervisor, not the Client, when you are late, if you will not be able to report for the Assignment, or if you will not be at the Assignment for all of your Work Hours for any reason.

Time Off Request

Reasonable advance notice for time off must be given to your J. Kent Supervisor. Do not request time off from the Client. You must request and receive approval from your J. Kent Supervisor. At the Client's request, a new J. Kent Employee may be assigned to work for the Client during your approved absence.

Personal Appearance And Conduct

One of the primary judgments made about J. Kent is based upon the appearance of our employees. J. Kent is in the business of serving a discerning class of Clients. You will be expected to represent J. Kent in a clean, neat and professional manner.

Your appearance must reflect favorably upon you and upon J. Kent. You are expected to be discrete in your conduct and conservative in grooming and dress. No jeans, leggings, tennis shoes or other casual attire is permitted unless Assignment-specific.

All J. Kent Employees prefer to work on Assignments where cooperation, respect and harmony prevail. All of us can accomplish our work effectively only with the cooperation and respect of our fellow employees. You are expected to exercise good judgment and show cooperation and courtesy when dealing with fellow coworkers and with the public.


If at any time, you are offered or work an Assignment that you are not able to safely or competently perform any responsibility of the Assignment, you must immediately advise your J. Kent Supervisor.


In case of an illness, injury or accident that you believe is related to an Assignment or to your J. Kent Employment, you are required to report the event immediately to your J. Kent Supervisor. You must report regardless of whether or not you believe that you are seriously injured or whether or not you think you need medical attention. On the same workday that the illness, injury or accident occurs, you must submit a written report to the President of J. Kent on the Accident Form provided by J. Kent.

All examinations and treatments (including follow-up care) for illnesses, injuries or accidents that you believe may be related to an Assignment or to your J. Kent Employment, must be provided by the physicians and other health care providers and at the facilities designated by J. Kent (“Designated Providers”). In the event of an emergency, you must be treated at the hospital nearest to the location of the Assignment where you are working when the illness, accident or injury occurs.

It is your responsibility to ask your J. Kent Supervisor if you have any questions about the names or locations of the Designated Providers.

Use Of Client Telephones

The Client's telephones are not for personal use. The telephone is a necessary and vital part of the Client's business. Incoming and outgoing personal telephone calls are prohibited during Work Hours except in the case of an emergency.

Concerns, Questions, Problems

If you have any concerns, questions or problems related to an Assignment, regardless of its nature, you must promptly report this to your J. Kent Supervisor. Never discuss assignment problems with Clients, their employees or other Contractors.

Assignment Changes By The Client

Should your Work Hours, tasks, duties or responsibilities change considerably (for example, utilization of a higher or lower skill level) from the nature of the original terms of the Assignment, report this to your J. Kent Supervisor immediately. If you are transferred to another department, floor, or are assigned a new Client Supervisor, you also must advise your J. Kent Supervisor immediately.

Assignment Extensions

Should you be notified by the Client that the Client wishes to extend your Assignment beyond the original end date, you must notify your J. Kent Supervisor immediately and advise him/her whether you will accept the extension. The extension must be approved, in advance, by your J. Kent Supervisor who will then confirm the extension with the Client.