Paychecks & Direct Deposit


  • Payday is each Thursday for the previous work week

Paycheck Release Options

J. Kent has gone GREEN! We offer 2 paperless methods for payment of wages - Direct Deposit or Paycard. Just complete the Direct Deposit/Paycard Enrollment Form found in the FORMS section; your paycheck advice is available through your employee LOGIN.

Direct Deposit

  • Funds are deposited directly into your bank account
  • Availability of funds varies from bank to bank
  • Always verify your funds were received
  • J. Kent is not responsible for overdraft fees



  • Pick up a Global Cash Card Paycard from J. Kent (or use your own Paycard)
  • Funds are deposited directly onto your Paycard
  • Learn how to use your Paycard with no fees!
  • For activation or questions, contact Global Cash Card at 888-220-4477, or
  • Always know your balance
  • J. Kent is not responsible for any Paycard fees

Paycheck Questions & Corrections

In the event that your paycheck is incorrect, or if you have any other questions about your paycheck, you must notify your J. Kent Staffing Manager immediately. Your question will be researched and responded to within 8 business hours of the request. Without exception, paycheck corrections, if any, will be made on the next weekly payroll run.