Registering With J. Kent

Application Process For Employment Opportunities

Your personnel file will be completed after participating in the following:
  • A computerized J. Kent Employee Application
  • Skills coding, I-9 and W-4, and signing of our Agreement
  • QWIZ testing center, and
  • Career assessment interviews
It is your responsibility to advise your J. Kent Staffing Manager, in writing, and in a timely manner, about any corrections or additions to the information you have provided on your J. Kent Employment Application when re-applying for J. Kent Employment.

No Guarantee Of Employment Opportunities

J. Kent is not able to guarantee that you will receive any Assignments or continuous Assignments. Nor can J. Kent assure you that the Assignments offered to you will comply with your request for a certain number or type of Assignments or for certain hours, days, Pay Rate or other terms or conditions of Assignments which you have requested. This is determined by the needs of the Client.