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Executive Assistant with Sales Background Hired to Support CEO and Sales Team

Executive Assistant with Sales Background Hired to Support CEO and Sales Team
Executive Assistant
December 10, 2018

J. Kent Staffing provides direct hire search and recruiting services for corporate clients in a wide variety of industries. This recent placement was with a nutrition science company that produces nutrients used in feed for the agriculture industr …

What are YOU looking for?

The 21st Century is incredibly exciting, and it’s gaining steam with innovation driven by creative American minds. The diverse workplace of today is like no other.

Baby Boomers, Generation Y, X, and the Internet Generation are working together to meet deadlines, and at the same time, struggling to understand one another.

New technologies are creating greater efficiencies, and a globalized economy is giving the Denver employer a bigger, more competitive playing field. There is no doubt that in this new international ball game we need a diverse, flexible and nimble set of staffing strategies. 

So where is the talent that we need?

Where do we find the qualified candidates capable of handling our business when America’s talent pool is shrinking? Employers today are sophisticated and understand how, and when to employ the many Staffing Options available to address budgets in either expanding or contracting business cycles.

Recognizing Your Staffing Options

America’s corporations have become experts at employing a wide variety of Staffing Options beyond traditional employment practices. J. Kent’s consultative approach can help you define the most effective staffing solution for your immediate needs.

Since 1979, J. Kent, a boutique, full-service staffing firm, has provided exceptional talent to thousands of Denver companies. Our Functional Expertise and Industry Expertise span across many sectors, and target the talent that you need.   At J. Kent, we spot trends. We listen. We give strategic advice. We passionately follow through.

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