Direct Hire Contingency Search Denver

What is your fee structure?

Your company owes a fee only if you hire a J. Kent Candidate. Our Direct Hire fees are a percentage of the candidate’s annual starting salary. It's contingency…. you pay for performance.

Is there a guarantee?

A Replacement Guarantee is offered on all full-time, Direct Hire placements.  Call 303-777-7734 to speak with one of our Recruiters or visit us at Fill a Position.

Who is the employer?

When you hire a J. Kent Candidate, that individual is now the employee of your company. From the start of employment, the new employer is responsible for managing the employer/employee relationship.

Are your Direct Hire searches confidential?

We have the highest respect and sensitivity for each company’s unique situation. Some Direct Hire searches are listed as confidential for a variety of business reasons specific to each employer. Not all searches are confidential, but for those that are a “Confidential Replacement,” we understand. We will take your direction as to the best way to stay in contact with you so that your goals are met, the search process keeps moving, and confidentiality is maintained.