General J. Kent Information

The Length of Time J. Kent Has Been in Business

  • Since 1979, J. Kent Staffing, a full-service staffing firm, has provided outstanding talent and exceptional jobs. We are recognized as one of the leaders in search, recruiting and staffing in the greater Denver metro area and the Rocky Mountain Region. As an independent staffing provider, J. Kent has maintained business continuity in the Denver market throughout the last 3 decades, meeting the economic challenges during those times.

Is J. Kent certified?

  • Yes, J. Kent Staffing is DBE and SBE certified.

Is J. Kent a woman-owned company?

  • Yes, since its inception.

Does J. Kent manage large temporary staffing contracts?

  • Yes, we currently provide temporary staff for RTD, Denver Water, Denver Public Schools, Denver Transit Constructors (FasTracks) and many others.

What Staffing Services Does J. Kent Provide?

What locations/areas do you service?

  • J. Kent Staffing is proud of its Denver roots. We are recognized as one of the leaders in search, recruiting and staffing in the greater Denver metro area and the Rocky Mountain Region. We also recruit at a national level, bringing in top talent eager to move to our great city and state. We invite you to visit J. Kent’s Recruiting Zones.

Does J. Kent specialize in specific jobs and industries?

  • We recruit and staff professionals for a variety of disciplines and competencies, across multiple industries, practices and sectors. Our Expertise allows us to target the talent that you need.

How large is J. Kent’s Candidate Pool?

  • Since 1979, we have developed a vast pool of candidates in our Employee Tracking System (ETS), many of whom have partnered with us for 3 decades as their careers have progressed, either as employees or hiring authorities. We are quickly able to filter and identify only those most qualified and available. J. Kent is also the recipient of a large volume of referrals, and to keep our pool fresh and current beyond our own database, we also target new hires through our investment in direct recruiting, external recruiting, Internet recruiting, trade journal advertising and on-line marketing, college and professional school affiliations, joint venture alliances and continue to invest in our website.

What is J. Kent’s Candidate Recruiting Philosophy?

J. Kent recruits a diverse set of candidates with various strengths, backgrounds, experiences, and talents that can expand or add to the competencies of a company and its department. To enhance J. Kent’s Candidate Pool we:

  • Reach out to active and passive job seekers to attract and recruit the right talent
  • Attract a diverse set of potential applicants
  • Select and hire the best candidate
  • Always measure outcomes

Background Checking & Drug Testing

  • All J. Kent Candidates placed in a Direct Hire position or hired by J. Kent for a Temp-to-Hire assignment undergo thorough background checks by J. Kent Staffing. Typical background checks may include: Felony/ Misdemeanor, Address trace, NCI search, or Credit Check (if required for the position)
  • For clients who request drug screens, driving records checks or criminal background checks, we are happy to provide these services. These screenings as well as any other needs our clients request may be coordinated through our office for a fee.

Reference Checking

  • J. Kent Staffing checks references based on the work history provided by the applicant.