Why is J. Kent Best Suited to Meet Your Needs?

Our Experience

  • Since 1979, we have deepened our staffing experience in a variety of disciplines and competencies, across multiple industries, practices and sectors
  • We are an independent, local, Denver-based company with strong community roots and commitments
  • We have experience managing large temporary contracts and complex staffing projects ($25,000 - $1,500,000)
  • We have experience in managing and have completed thousands of Direct Hire and Retained Executive Searches

Our Staff

J. Kent has a stable, talented, and seasoned staff that fully understands the best practices of staffing and recruiting, its strategies, policies and procedures. Our group works closely together as a project team, and is quickly able to shift and restructure priorities in order to meet our client’s goals and deadlines. The J. Kent team is disciplined, consistent, and well organized as we provide strong customer service and support to our clients and employees.

Our Employee Training & Development

J. Kent Staffing invests in our own employees by providing training and certification for all of our office staff. The continuing education credits are audited by the American Staffing Association (ASA). We can be a resource for you when questions arise about staffing and employment

Our Business Practices and Philosophy

  • We take your call, when you call. Every day we answer our phones…no prompts to select, no voice mail. We have stayed true to this philosophy since 1979.
  • A NEW EMPLOYER will not be placed in voice mail; we know that your company’s need is urgent and your time is limited.
  • Our employees’ on-the-job safety is our foremost concern; a comfortable, harassment free environment another.
  • Consistent, well defined “best of staffing” and business practices
  • Consistent, well defined customer service practices
  • Consistent, well defined testing and evaluation practices

Our Certifications

  • Woman-owned, DBE and SBE certified.
  • CSP and CPC certifications

Our J. Kent Process

  • Thorough, defined and consistent.

Our Skills Testing Process

We put our employees to the test. Online, pre-employment testing allows our Denver Employers to make more qualified and efficient hiring and promotion decisions. The requirements and essential functions of the position define what tests are ordered. Standard business software proficiency testing for all professional positions is required as a minimum.

Our Inclusive Candidate Pool

Continually investing in and refreshing our large, inclusive Candidate Pool is a daily priority. At J. Kent, we work hard to bring forward candidates of exceptional qualifications and abilities of all backgrounds. We strongly believe that an organization achieves excellence when its workplace embraces all individuals.

Our Automated End-To-End Staffing Process

Our powerful Employee Tracking System (ETS) helps us streamline our unique, critical and complex business process to increase productivity, maintain and control costs (hours worked, attendance, unemployment, worker’s comp) and improve margins. Staffing Managers have access to the ETS, which provides client and employee contact management and documentation, order fulfillment, one entry pay/bill, and enables us to provide a plethora of required reports for our clients and governmental agencies,etc.