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As long as people have had free time, they have pursued leisure activities. Musical troupes, theaters, and sports have been a part of culture since ancient times. As leisure time and personal incomes have grown across the Nation, so has the arts, entertainment, and recreation industry.  The diverse range of activities offered by this industry can be categorized into three broad groups—live performances or events; historical, cultural, or educational exhibits; and recreation or leisure-time activities.

Live Performances or Events

The live performances or events segment of the industry includes professional sports, as well as establishments providing sports facilities and services to amateurs. Additionally, a variety of businesses and groups involved in live theatrical and musical performances are included in this segment. Theatrical production companies, for example, coordinate all aspects of producing a play or theater event, including employing actors, actresses, and costume designers as well as contracting with lighting and stage crews who handle the technical aspects of productions. 

Performers of live musical entertainment include popular music artists, dance bands, disc jockeys, orchestras, jazz musicians, and rock bands. Orchestras range from major professional orchestras with million-dollar budgets to community orchestras, which often have part-time schedules. The performing arts segment also includes dance companies, which produce all types of live theatrical dances. The majority of these dance troupes perform ballet, folk dance, or modern dance.

Historical, Cultural, or Educational Exhibits

The historical, cultural, or educational exhibits segment includes privately owned museums, zoos, botanical gardens, nature parks, and historical sites. Publicly owned facilities are included in sections on Federal, State, or local government elsewhere in the Career Guide. Each institution in this segment preserves and exhibits objects, sites, and natural wonders with historical, cultural, or educational value.

Recreation or Leisure

The recreation or leisure activities segment includes a variety of establishments that provide amusement for a growing number of customers. Some of these businesses provide video game and gaming machines for the public at amusement parks, arcades, and casinos. Casinos and other gaming establishments offering off-track betting are a rapidly growing part of this industry segment. This segment also includes amusement and theme parks, which range in size from small local or travelling carnivals to multiacre parks. These establishments may have mechanical rides, shows, and refreshment stands. Other recreation and leisure-time services include golf courses, skating rinks, ski lifts, marinas, day camps, gocart tracks, riding stables, waterslides, and establishments offering rental sporting goods.

Source: U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook


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