Chief Executive Officer - Family Office

Position Overview
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Single Family Office (SFO) reports directly to the Major Principal(s).  The CEO ensures that the SFO fulfills its mission.  They are responsible for engaging and communicating with family members in the pursuit of the SFO vision.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration required; MBA strongly preferred
  • CPA generally required
  • 10+ years’ corporate management experience
  • 2+ years’ CEO experience
  • Very strong accounting, financial, or legal background
  • Prior SFO experience strongly preferred
Computer Skills
  • Proficiency in MS Office Suite required
  • Knowledgeable of IT systems, processes, databases, etc.
  • Familiarity with SFO-specific software, including Advent, ATWeb, TNR Solution, Prospero, Spectrum Wealth, etc.
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
  • Demonstrated success as a business professional and leader
  • Business savvy, highly diversified and connected
  • Expertise in financial, accounting and other technical areas
  • Must be able to engage multiple family members and generations
  • Understands family dynamics and communicate solutions facilitating family unity
  • Diverse skills (business, technical, communication, human resources)
  • Deep rolodex of very high quality connections
Essential Functions, Duties, and Responsibilities
  • Must be engaged in all aspects of the Single Family Office (SFO)
  • Communicates on an on-going basis with the family
  • Focuses all efforts on the SFO fulfilling its mission to serve the family
  • Encourages and fosters involvement and education of critical business areas
  • Utilizes modern technology as a family communication and business management tool to advance the success of the SFO in servicing the family
  • Creates opportunities to expand family wealth by sourcing business, real estate, passion and other investment opportunities
  • Researches and sources valuable opportunities for the family through hedge funds, private equity, investment in emerging growth companies, etc.
  • Carries out the mission and coordinates effectively all aspects of the SFO in a synchronized effort in fulfilling the family’s mission and vision
Compensation – Corporate Type Benefit Package, Perks
  • The CEO in a small SFO commands $250,000 - $400,000 and in a larger SFO (or small SFOs with extensive requirements and/or family members that see the value in a great candidate) can cost anywhere from $400,000 - $2,000,000 (inclusive of base salary and bonuses)
  • Co-investment opportunities in areas such as direct real estate, private equity and venture capital
  • Medical, Life, and Long-Term Disability insurance
  • 401k