Chief Investment Officer - Family Office

Position Overview

The Chief Investment Officer of the Single Family Office (SFO) reports directly to the Major Principal(s).  The CIO is responsible for designing the investment process for the SFO, as well as managing its assets.  

  • Bachelor’s in Business Administration required; MBA strongly preferred
  • Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) highly preferred
  • 10+ years’ corporate finance experience
  • 5-7+ years’ investment analysis experience
  • Prior experience working in a SFO strongly preferred
Computer Skills
  • Proficiency in MS Office Suite required
  • Familiarity with SFO-specific software, including Advent, ATWeb, TNR Solution, Prospero, Spectrum Wealth, etc.
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
  • Must be able to work with the staff and outsourced financial service providers and communicate effectively with the CEO and family
  • Excels at planning, organizing, sourcing (money managers and business opportunities), monitoring, validating and reporting on all investment activities
  • High degree of honesty and integrity
  • Proven track record of successful investment
  • Proven leadership abilities
  • Experience in socially responsible and “green” investing may be a plus for some SFOs
Essential Functions, Duties, and Responsibilities
  • Initiates and coordinates the primary investing decisions in fulfilling the family investment objectives under the direction of the family leaders
  • Maintains and expands the family’s wealth
  • Assists the family by fulfilling investment objectives as laid out by the family
  • Coordinates efforts with other in-house and out-sourced financial professionals to minimize risk and maximize returns
  • Creates, implements and coordinates a comprehensive family financial strategy, including an accompanying Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  • Develops multiple family financial strategies and IPSs for various intra-family fractions (if applicable) as well as assets titled within trusts and partnerships
  • Coordinates family financial objectives and outlines investment parameters and benchmarks
  • Organizes and implements an asset allocation strategy built around the principles and benchmarks as indicated and agreed upon by all the decision makers in the IPS
  • Maintains and monitors multiple and segregated family financial strategies, IPSs and asset allocation strategies 
  • Seamlessly utilizes the available account aggregation, reporting and risk metrics/analytics capabilities of the SFO in customizing the services and data to the desires of the family 
  • Researches and identifies the best money managers around the world to implement the applicable allocation towards each specific asset class
  • Coordinates and manages investment research team and internal experts in each asset class
  • Sources, selects, diversifies and monitors the money managers who carry out the actual investing of various aspects of the portfolio, including cash management, bonds, equities, alternatives and derivatives
  • Sources reputable investigative firms to perform comprehensive background checks on potential partners
  • Organizes, coordinates and monitors the money managers in a tax sensitive manner
Compensation – Corporate Type Benefit Package, Perks
  • Salary can range from $250,000 to several million, depending on responsibilities required such as amount of assets to invest, type of assets, and family needs as well as the CIO’s experience
  • Co-investment opportunities