Alternate Titles: Caretaker Couples, Domestic Couples, Couples Team, Estate Couples, Household Manager/Chef, Houskeeper/Handyman, Housekeeper/Cook, Housekeeper/Groundskeeper, Butler/Chef, Housekeeper/Chauffeur/Handyman, Chef/Housekeeper

In private service, either formal or informal, two individuals work as a team providing domestic and personal services as needed for the care of the Principals, estate, household and family. 

Couples Generally Work the Same Hours and Have the Same Days Off

In private service, couple generally work the same hours and have the same days off. This is one of the appealing aspects for a couple. Their roles can be either formal or informal or a combination based on the employer's property and service needs. Most couples enjoy working together, splitting the domestic or maintenance tasks, for example according to their individual areas of expertise. These positions will take on the full responsibilities of running a household.

When the Principal, family or guests are in residence, couples provide “private services” according to the level of service standards set for that specific estate location.  During the “in residence” period, couples are expected to have the household full ready to receive the family, and are expected to be exceptionally attentive to the needs of the family during their stay. 

Couples in “private service” may be employed either for one residence or estate or in the case of multi-estates that are not the home base for the family, couples may be in residence year-around, and continue to fully tend to the up keep of the estate in the off season.  A respectful work ethic and productivity, efficiency and cost-effective applications executed by the couple when the family is not in residence, is highly sought after when hiring couples to work in the household. Couples may report directly to the Principal or in a larger, multi-staffed estate or complex household, may report to the Estate Manager or Household Manager.

Couples – Full Management of the Household

  • Couples are two people who can individually fill one or many staffing needs in the household
  • Often these couples can handle all the domestic work in a smaller residence themselves or with a housekeeper
  • Many times this is usually a live-in position

Education, Experience, Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Couple candidates have knowledge of appropriate social etiquette
  • Couples may or may not formal training from a household management school 
  • Couples may have many years of experience in household management either as a housekeeper, houseman or grounds/handyman or any of the other household specialties 

Couples Range of Responsibilities

Some of the common roles associated with couples may include a combination of the household job titles listed below, however, in the end, the role is in “private service” and can entail many different responsibilities depending upon the needs and wishes of the Principal.

  • Household Manager/Chef
  • Housekeeper/Handyman
  • Housekeeper/Cook
  • Housekeeper/Groundskeeper
  • Housekeeper/Chauffeur/Handyman
  • Butler/Chef
  • Chef/Housekeeper

Compensation – Corporate Type Benefits & Perks

  • The Couples' salary and benefits vary dependent upon the different functions, and the levels of professionalism and service required, for example, strictly domestic or managerial as well
  • Compensation will also vary depending upon the metropolitan area, region or country
  • Salaries range from $75,000 to as high as $150,000, plus corporate type benefits for the pair, and accommodations
  • Living arrangements are almost always separate from the main house and may be off-site