Employee Relations Specialist

Employee Relations Specialists perform a variety of duties to promote employee welfare, such as resolving human relations problems and promoting employee health and well-being.  They interview workers and discuss personnel, human relations, and work-related problems that adversely affect morale, health, and productivity.  This person also evaluates and resolves human relations, labor relations, and work-related problems, and meets with management to determine appropriate action.  An Employee Relations Specialist explains and provides advice to workers about company and governmental rules, regulations, and procedures, and need for compliance. 
Additionally, an Employee Relations Specialist may have the following duties:
  • Counsels employees regarding work, family, or personal problems
  • Explains company compensation and benefit programs, such as medical, insurance, retirement, and savings plans, and enrolls workers in specified programs
  • Arranges for employee library, lunchroom, recreational facilities, and activities
  • Develops, schedules, and conducts technical, management, and interpersonal skills training to improve employee performance
  • Prepares newsletter and other reports to communicate information about employee concerns and comments and organizational actions taken
  • Attends conferences and meetings, as employee-management liaison, to facilitate communication between parties
  • Prepares reports and enters and updates medical, insurance, retirement, and other personnel forms and records, using computer
  • Audits benefit accounts and examines records to ensure compliance with standards and regulations
  • Arranges for employee physical examination, first aid, and other medical attention
  • Inspects facilities to determine if lighting, sanitation, and security are adequate and to ensure compliance to standards
  • Supervises clerical or administrative personnel