Facilities Coordinator

Facilities coordinators are responsible for managing offices, factories and other workplaces. Some of their tasks are to order supplies needed for the offices, do general cleaning and other maintenance jobs to help the employees become comfortable in their workplace. The general tasks of a facilities coordinator include assisting in the maintenance of the general offices and participating in the scheduling. It is also one of their responsibilities to receive the mail and distribute it among the recipients. Often times, they would also have to handle the shipment of the office equipment and supplies. The work areas should also be cleaned and the deliveries should also be managed by the facilities coordinator.

When there are other issues with the maintenance, the facilities coordinator is also the one who answers to it and make service calls. The management professionals would require maintenance records and official reports on the maintenance needs of the facilities so the coordinator should make sure to constantly update his or her records and regularly maintain the file system of the facility.

Source: College Crunch, Careers