Alternate Titles:  Gardener, Landscaper, Estate, Grounds Caretaker, Caretaker

Groundskeepers are responsible for the care and maintenance of a large property, including all land, shrubbery, gardens, yards and walkways of an estate.

Groundskeepers Give Your Estate the First Impression

Groundskeepers are highly skilled in their field and generally artistic.  They give your estate’s first impression and the position can be live-in or live out.  The live in groundskeeper is able to add those last minute additions of flowers or greenery to dazzle the evening party. 

Education, Experience, Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Generally have groundskeeper and/or greenhouse experience and are skillful in horticulture
  • Knowledge of large properties that have hosted, formal gardens and topiary
  • Knowledge of vegetable gardens, organics, herbaceous settings
  • Knowledge of woodlands, ponds, swimming pools and themed gardens
  • Familiar with the social etiquette of the affluent lifestyle
  • Driving machinery and heavy vehicles is essential
  • Groundskeepers often need to know how to use tools, such as axes, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, saws, hammers, hoes, spades, edgers, chainsaws, tractors, hedge clippers, shovels, pruners, shears and/or hoses.
  • Some groundskeepers need to work with herbicides, pesticides, insecticides and other chemicals and/or lift and move heavy objects

Groundskeeper’s Range of Responsibilities

  • Care, maintenance and inventory of the machinery used in their profession
  • Provide routine landscape maintenance such as mowing and cutting lawns; doing gardening tasks; trimming and/or pruning trees and bushes; water trees and shrubs; plant grass, trees and shrubs
  • May build, maintain or repair fences; install water and light systems; build terraces and other structures
  • May clean and maintain pols; perform maintenance on golf course and/or applying pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals to soil, weeds, plants or other surfaces.
  • Groundskeepers apply salt on sidewalks after it snows; remove leaves from sidewalks and other areas
  • With the Principal, collaboratively they can make improvements and enhancements to the outdoor environment

Compensation - Corporate Type Benefits and Perks

  • Groundskeepers range from $25-$60/hour + benefits, and many times accommodations if live-in
  • Trained horticulturists can be hired as full-time groundskeepers ranging from $50,000 -$75,000/year
  • Gardeners are either commonly granted cottage-style accommodation within the property grounds or nearby