Alternate Titles: Wardrobe Mistress

In the "private service" of a large estate or household, a Laundress cares for and maintains all the household linens and personal clothing of the Principal(s) and the family.  A Laundress is an expert by years of their experience who can identify fabrics and their specific care in washing, pressing, stain removal and general wardrobe maintenace.

Laundress's Range of Responsibilities

  • Washing, steaming, mending of clothing
  • Ironing clothing, linens as needed
  • Organizes all household laundry, folds and places in family’s closet. 
  • Sorting and sending out linens and clothing to dry cleaners and inventories the items
  • Seasonal organization of clothing and storing of clothing 
  • Cataloging designer and couture clothes and accessories

Compensation - Corporate Type Benefits, Perks

  • Salary for a Laundress is based on the experience the Laundress brings and the duties included in the job description.
  • They typically earn between $20 - $25 per hour, plus benefits