Personal Assistant Staffing Denver

Alternate Titles: PA, Social Secretary, Family Assistant, Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Office Administrator

A Personal Assistant offers personalized support to the Principal, family and/or individual they support.

A One-On-One Relationship with the Principal

A Personal Assistant is responsible for working closely with the Principal in the management of their household, personal and professional needs. This position entails more of a one on one relationship with the employer. Performance of Personal Assistant is enhanced as they gain more knowledge of their employer’s organization, household or family, recognize internal and external key personnel, and understand the employer’s aims, objectives, mission and values. 

Education, Experience, & Certifications

  • The experience and background of a Personal Assistant varies depending on the individual candidate; many candidates have direct experience as a Personal Assistant 
  • Most Personal Assistants have a Bachelor's Degree in addition to direct professional Administrative Assistant experience and or experience in a private home
  • They typically have strong computer skills to include MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook
  • Administrative Assistant experience is a must;accounting skills are frequently required

Typical Duties May Include:

  • Screen and return phone calls
  • Prepare personal correspondence, thank you notes, e-mails; good solid Administrative Assistant or secretarial
  • Make complex travel arrangements;  make event, lunch or social reservations
  • Oversee and tend to the needs of guests
  • Book appointments and manage household calendar, personal and social calendars; keep the family agenga
  • Set-up and maintenance of contact database
  • Assis in planning & organization of parties & other events
  • Run errands: dry cleaning, gift shopping, errands of all types
  • Manage household bill payments
  • Handlespecial projects
  • May interact with children and family; may chauffeur
  • May schedule household maintenance and repairs
  • May take care of family pets

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