Recording Secretary / Note Taker Staffing Denver

Position Overview
Recording Secretaries/Note Takers are responsible for recording and filing detailed, accurate meeting minutes.
  • High school degree is preferred
  • Classes or experience in word processing is a strong plus
Computer Skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word or related word processing software
Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
  • Understanding of best practices in letter and document formatting, filing, and note-taking
  • Ability to type quickly and precisely
  • Knowledge of correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling

Essential Functions, Duties, & Responsibilities
  • Recording, in detail, all meeting minutes, including the time, date, and place of the meeting, as well as major points and other critical information
  • Maintaining complete meeting attendance records
  • Tracking voting records
  • Corresponding with board members
  • Keeping well-organized files

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