Security Specialist

A Security Specialist’s primary responsibility is to protect the assets of their employer, including people, information, and property.  Security Specialists may specialize in a specific area of security, including personal, cyber, or physical security.  

Personal Security
These Security Specialists typically work for high-profile and important clients who have specialized security needs.  They are responsible for preventive security, including location pre-checks, as well as rapid response to any emergencies.
Cyber Security
Cyber Security Specialists focus on protecting the computers, networks, and data of their employer.  They specialize in identifying and preventing viruses, firewall breaches, and other attacks to an employer’s computer system.  
Physical Security
These Security Specialists prevent unauthorized personnel from physically accessing resources, confidential information, or buildings.  They coordinate physical barriers such as locks, alarm systems, and guards, as well as design appropriate response systems to potential security breaches.