Shipping & Receiving Manager Denver

Shipping and receiving managers work in a wide array of industries and must have a strong understanding of how their products should be stored. They also need to know how they should be best be handled, packaged and shipped. On top of their other duties, they are often responsible for the upkeep of the warehouse. In most industries, shipping and receiving managers hire, train and schedule a staff to do most of the hands-on work. They also make recommendations to management on new products to buy or ways to curtail spending on distribution.

Shipping and receiving managers must be strong communicators who can juggle many tasks. Those who bargain with vendors must also possess strong negotiating skills, while those in charge of a staff must be able to delegate. Shipping and receiving managers also must be highly organized, with a strong understanding of when shipments are due to arrive as well as be sent out. Shipping and receiving managers should be confident, analytical and motivated, and possess the strength and stamina to operate heavy equipment and lift packages.  Education requirements range from a high school diploma to a Bachelor's degree, depending on the employer.