Warehouse Associate Denver

A warehouse associate maintains the order of a building or room normally dedicated to the storage of materials, products, equipment or tools. This person is typically required to keep detailed records of the warehouse contents manually, on a desktop computer or using a handheld electronic tracking device. When a requisition for an item is received, a warehouse clerk is normally expected to provide the item and update any records to reflect the transaction. A warehouse clerk can work for any large or small company with inventory and a warehouse to manage.

If the warehouse is large or the items are bulky enough to require motorized equipment to move them, a warehouse clerk’s job normally requires operating a forklift or pallet jack. This person may also use a hand truck or dolly to move merchandise. Items for transport generally include incoming shipments as well as those being shipped or re-categorized. If the company has multiple warehouses or branch locations, the clerk is customarily expected to drive a truck or automobile to transport goods or paperwork as needed.