Colorado Minimum Wage

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Colorado Minimum Wage

Denver and Colorado Employers--Heads Up! - Remain Compliant

Effective Sunday, January 1, 2017 the state law we just recently voted in raises Colorado’s minimum wage from $8.31 per hour to $9.30 per hour.  And, over the next four years scheduled increases will bring the minimum wage up to $12.00 per hour with annual adjustments on Jan. 1 thereafter.

Calls to Raise Minimum Wage Have Gotten Louder - $15.00/Hour, a Goal for Labor Activists
Colorado however, is not alone. The minimum wage rate is set to increase—in 21 states, at least 22 cities, four counties, and one region—on or about Jan. 1. Many states are in the process of multiyear increases to the minimum wage and annual increases will continue to climb. Of course, California, a bell weather state has seven more ambitious plans with annual increases of $.0.50 next year followed by $1 per hour raises in 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022, bringing the state to the $15.00 mark.  

Per Amendment 70,Article XVIII,Section15 of the Colorado Constitution

  • Effective January1,2017,Colorado's minimum wage is increasedto $9.30per hourandis increasedannuallyby0.90eachJanuary1until it reaches $12perhour effective January2020,andthereafter isadjusted annuallyfor cost ofliving increases,asmeasuredbytheConsumerPriceIndex used for Colorado.
  • This minimum wage shall be paid to employees who receive the state or federal minimum wage.
  • No more than $3.02 per hour in tip income may be used to offset the minimum wage of employees who regularly receive tips.”  See charts below.
State 2017 2016 2015 2014 Scheduled Increases
Federal $7.25 $7.25 $7.25 $7.25  
Federal / Contractors $10.20 $10.15 $10.10 NONE Adjusted 
Colorado $9.30 $8.31 $8.23 $8.00 Increases to:
$10.20 - 01/01/2018
$11.10 - 01/01/2019
$12.00 - 01/01/2020
*then adjusted annually
on Jan 1.




State Minimum
Wage as of 1/1/17
Maximum Tip Credit Allowed
or Tipped Employees
Minimum Cash Wage
for Tipped 
Federal $7.25 $5.12 $2.13 Tipped employes must regularly earn at least $30 per month in tips
Federal / Contractors $10.20 $3.40 $6.80 Minimum tipped wage will increase by 95 cents per year until it reaches 70% of the minimum combined wage.
Colorado $9.30 $3.02 $6.28 Combined wage
increases to:

$10.20 - 01/01/2018
$11.10 - 01/01/2019
$12.00 - 01/01/2020
*then adjusted annually
on Jan 1.
Tipped employee must regularly earn at least $30 per month in tips.



The information above does not constitute legal advice.  Employers and staffing agencies should consult
a Colorado labor or employment attorney with additional questions, or for guidance and more information.

Source:  U.S. Departmet of Labor and State statues, regulations, and websites;

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