Denver Employers Making Job Offers Quickly in 2013

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  • 2/7/13 |
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Denver Employers Making Job Offers Quickly in 2013

"Today, out-selling the competition for "A" level performers is a core competency of business success.  That's not hyperbole; it's reality.  It is the only way we can win the War for the Best Talent, and our victory is the only way employers can win the War for a Big Bottom Line."  Peter Weddle has been writing columns for his own newsletter and for the Interactive Edition of The Wall Street Journal since 1999.

Denver Employers Making Job Offers Quickly in 2013
Although current unemployment rates are still near recession highs as of January 2013:  National 7.9%, Colorado 7.6%, and Denver 7.4%, at J. Kent Staffing we are beginning to see:

  • a shortage of qualified talent in many industries and sectors
  • employers making job offers more quickly
  • "A" level performers frequently receiving more than one offer
  • the "hiring process" shortened, as the "A" level performer will not wait many weeks for a hiring decision, and
  • upward salary pressures

In the Denver Marketplace, Competition for "A" Level Performers is Fierce
The competition for top talent in Denver is fierce, and therefore, Denver employers must have a strategic "hiring plan" for attracting the candidates they need in 2013.  The message is clear, America's talent pool is shrinking, and "A" level performers are few and far between. 


What is your company doing to attract qualified candidates necessary to grow your business in 2013?


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