Denver Event Staffing Agency Hires 15 Event Workers for Economic Forum

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Denver Event Staffing Agency Hires 15 Event Workers for Economic Forum

Denver is a growing, robust city, and with such great venues as the Denver Convention Center, Wings Over the Rockies Museum, the Cherry Creek Yacht Club, just to name a few, the business of event management is taken seriously in this town.

Therefore, the importance of hiring reliable, dependable Denver Event Workers cannot be overstated in order to successfully execute the complex logistics of an important event. From political, non-profit, for profit, or at the personal level, Denver events, large or small telegraph who we are, and what is the state of our economy and our current community or business mindset.

What is an Event Worker?
Event Workers help perform the myriad of tasks that ensure an event runs smoothly and efficiently. Event Workers often staff tables, booths, or kiosks, distribute event information or programs, or maintain lines or queues. They also assist with guest or customer service, including directing patrons to restrooms, assisting customers with special needs, and helping people locate lost articles. Some Event Workers may also be responsible for handing out free giveaways, such as t-shirts or collectibles. Event Workers also assist with staging events in every area imaginable.

Denver Event Worker Staffing for Economic Forum – 700 Dinner Guests 
Our client, a prominent Denver catering organization, quickly recognized that they would have a difficult time serving 700 guests for a large economic forum being held at the Wings Over the Rockies Museum. Fifteen additional Event Workers were needed ASAP, and the order for additional staff was placed with J. Kent. What were the requirements and responsibilities for the Denver Event Workers?

  • Appearance: Neat and clean presentation
  • Customer Service Skills: A must; outgoing and personable
  • Dress Requirements: Black pants, black shoes/socks, and a black t-shirt (dress shirt/tie were provided upon arrival by our client)
  • Duties: Staging linens and water glasses, food dish refill, bussing tables between courses

J. Kent Employees – A Fun Assignment for our Highly Educated Workforce
This was a fun assignment for our highly educated J. Kent Staff. It did not matter if they had an MBA, IT degree, a BA in English or Psychology, all team members arrived on time, worked hard and thoroughly enjoyed the change of venue and pace from their usual business office environments. J. Kent Staffing Managers filled all 15 positions in a timely manner and personally checked in all staff members when they reported for work at Wings Over the Rockies Museum. To provide greater efficiency to our client, a group J. Kent Timesheet was completed. Good job guys! 

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