Denver Non-Profit Staffing - Denver Non-Profit Operations Become More Sophisticated

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Denver Non-Profit Staffing - Denver Non-Profit Operations Become More Sophisticated

In Denver, Colorado, advocacy, grantmaking, non-profit and civic organizations at some point, affect everyone's life.

In Colorado, these types of organizations are working to better their communities by directly addressing issues of public concern through service, independent action, or civic engagement. These organizations span the political spectrum of ideas and encompass every aspect of human endeavor, from symphonies to little leagues, and from homeless shelters and day care centers to natural resource conservation advocates.

What is a Non-Profit vs NGO vs NCO?
Answer: It depends on what side of the pond you are located.

In the United States
Collectively these organizations are called "nonprofits," a name that is used to describe institutions and organizations that are neither government nor business. In many countries, nonprofits may apply for tax exempt status, so that the organization itself may be exempt from income tax and other taxes. In the United States, to be exempt from federal income taxes the organization must meet the requirements set forth by the Internal Revenue Service. Other names often used include:

  • the not-for-profit sector,
  • the third sector,
  • the independent sector,
  • the philanthropic sector,
  • the voluntary sector,
  • or the social sector.

Outside the United States
These organizations often are called nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) or civil society organizations or non-commercial organizations (NCO).

Denver Non-Profit Staffing – Matching the Non-Profit Culture Fit
Since 1979, J. Kent has conducted hundreds of searches for professional Denver jobs in the non-profit sector. Many of our non-profit client organizations are very large, and some are small. Some non-profit organizations have global or national reach, yet others are tightly targeted to a very specific need in the greater Denver community. Regardless of size, when J. Kent conducts a search for a full-time non-profit position or hires for a Denver non-profit temporary assignment, the competition for these jobs is always heated.  At the same time, however, finding that right match to fit into the non-profits corporate culture is still very much a challenge that usually requires extra search time before the right match is found.

Abundance of Applicants for Non-Profit Positions – Competition Fierce
Why do so many people want to work in non-profit? It is an interesting question, and the answers are as varied as the many applicants themselves who compete for the relatively few, non-profit positions. As mentioned, the Denver non-profit job market is extremely competitive--recent college graduates with no work experience are vying, for example, for the same $30,000 - $50,000/year Denver non-profit job as is the seasoned 20 year professional. Working for a nonprofit can be fulfilling and maddening, excite you and frustrate you all at the same time.

Denver Non-Profit Operations Have Had to Become More Sophisticated
As non-profits have become much more sophisticated in their operations they are also looking for greater skills sets and experience in their staff positions. Don’t forget, non-profits compete with other non-profits for every donated dollar. They need top talent; they are now looking for the complete applicant package (top education, advanced computer skills, prior non-profit experience, articulate in the written and spoken word, Denver network connections, flexible “can do” attitude, a willingness to adapt to changing priorities, professional business appearance, exceptional people and customer service skills…and the list goes on.

So here is a great question that you would do well to ask yourself with respect to your career:

Would I best serve humanity by working full-time in the nonprofit sector -- or by working in the private sector, and then volunteering some of my time and donating to those causes that I really care about?

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