Denver’s Appeal to Millennials Is Unique – It’s Cool!

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Denver’s Appeal to Millennials Is Unique – It’s Cool!

In reading the Wall Street Journal the other day, I came upon a 02/13/2017 article written by Laura Kusisto, “Millennials Are Less Mobile Than Young People Have Been in Decades”. 

It’s true, Americans are moving at the lowest rate on record, and recently released Census Bureau data show that a primary reason is that millennials are moving significantly less than earlier generations of young adults. Despite being less likely to be married or have children, today's young people are less mobile than the previous four generations were at the same age, according to the Pew Research Center.

Are Millennials Really Less Mobile?
I was surprised, however, to hear that millennials are less mobile than earlier generations of young adults, particularly since they are not tied down by marriage, children or mortgages. Millennials certainly have been mobile as they have travelled all over the world after college to teach English as a second language, as one example, just to experience life outside of the U.S. 

Millennials Make Up 55% of J. Kent’s Temporary Workforce and Direct Hire Candidates
Millennials comprise a large portion of J. Kent Staffing’s temporary workforce and direct hire candidate base, and I can assure you they are mobile when it comes to moving to Denver.  With their college degrees in hand, these new and adventuresome Denver job seekers come from every state in our union to include our neighbor to the north, Canada.  From our vantage point, it seems these Denver job seekers are very mobile. 

Denver is a Millennial Magnet – If They Are Not Mobile, Why Are They Moving to Denver?
It is clear, millennials (generally someone born from 1981-1987, as definitions vary) are attracted to Denver because of our economy: our city is healthy—and hiring. 

Denver’s Appeal to Millennials Is Unique – It’s Cool!
Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation, The Millennial Influence in Metro Denver found that of the 1.6 million jobs in metropolitan Denver, about 32.5 percent were held by 19 to 34 year-olds and according to the New York Times, Denver’s coolness factors has made it a top destination and magnet for millennials. That is what we see as well!

But could Denver’s appeal to millennials be unique—it’s not just jobs, it’s also mountains, an outdoor lifestyle, great bicycle paths, FastTracks, weather, friendly welcoming people, and possibly the legalization of marijuana.  Welcome millennials, J. Kent loves working with you!

Millennials Overtake Baby Boomers as America’s Largest Generation

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