Denver Staffing Agency Candidate Tips-GPA on Entry Level Resume

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Denver Staffing Agency Candidate Tips-GPA on Entry Level Resume

How Important is Your GPA in the Real World?
As a Colorado placement and Denver recruiting firm, J. Kent Staffing works with many global, national and Denver based corporations, organizations and entrepreneurs in our broad areas of Expertise.  Although colleges and universities use your GPA as an indicator of your future academic success, employers hiring for top entry-level Denver jobs understand that your GPA may be one influencing factor when hiring.


Do Employers Really Care About Your GPA?
The diploma is most important to the Denver employer.  However, the correct answer is, some do, and many do not. Here is the way it generally works:

  • Students who worked diligently with a goal of a high GPA will find employers that demand nothing less.  These employers recruit and hire “top of the class”, honor students, highly skilled in their major field.
  • Student who demonstrated their talents in areas other than pure academics while in college will absolutely find plenty of employers to value their contributions, creativity and work ethic.
  • Regardless, in today’s competitive, entry-level job market for recent college graduates, Denver Human Resource Manager or Denver Recruiter ask themselves the more compelling question:  How will you, as a recent college graduate impact the employer’s workplace and culture?

A Professional, Entry-Level Resume is Not a College Application
So, including your GPA on your professional, entry-level resume is different than a university application.  Therefore, YOU must decide about the strategic decision whether or not to put your GPA on your business resume. 

GPA Decision -Think Strategically
The majority of Colorado companies have no GPA requirement for their applications, however including your GPA on your resume might assure a hiring authority that you excelled academically, and will continue to do so in their workplace.  There are a few general rules about GPAs on resumes; make sure you follow them if you choose to put your GPA on your resume.

Rule 1:  GPA Overall

  • GPA 3.0 or higher, put it on your resume, if you so choose
  • GPA lower, leave it off your resume and bring focus to your other accomplishments

Rule 2:  GPA in Your Major Field of Study
Consider including your GPA within your major if it is significantly higher than your overall GPA.  For example, if you exceled in mathematics and received a higher GPA in that area, you may want to give thought to including it on your resume.  If you are interviewing for a position that relates to your field of study, potential employers will take notice. 

So if you excelled in mathematics but struggled with English, you can strengthen your entry-level resume by showing your strength in your chosen field of study and interest.  Important:  Clearly show on your resume that this is the GPA in your major, and be aware that background checking today is required by most companies in Denver, Colorado. 

Background Checks – Verification of Education
Pre-employment screening in the workplace of the 21st Century is no longer an option; it is a necessity. Today, in the Denver job market it is quite standard for companies to make a job offer contingent upon the successful outcome of your background check.  Background checking has become the norm; it is no longer the exception.  Therefore, remember that your degree and GPAs can be verified.  If you choose to put your GPA on your resume, please state it accurately.

Your GPA Decision– But How Will You Impact the Employer’s Workplace and Culture?
That is the more compelling question for the Denver Human Resource Manager or Denver Recruiter.  They can see that you received high grades, but how you may impact the employers’ workplace and culture will be the bigger question that they will ponder. Will you be a productive worker, are you a leader, are you organized, detail oriented, self-motivated, able to establish priorities?   How much training, supervision and management will you require; will you respond positively to constructive criticism?  Are you reliable and dependable, or might there be attendance or workplace issues to manage?  Have you held meaningful summer jobs and internships? Did you participate in relevant extracurricular and school activities?

Entry-Level Job Seeker – Be Strategic, Clear and Concise
Thousands of resumes are reviewed every day by Denver Human Resource Managers, corporate Denver Recruiters, Denver employment agencies, Denver temporary agencies and Staffing Mangers.  So please, make yours count and present your talents on your professional resume strategically, clearly and concisely.  

Recent College Graduates 

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