Denver Staffing Agency - Colorado Fun Facts Quiz For Human Resource Managers

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Denver Staffing Agency - Colorado Fun Facts Quiz For Human Resource Managers
Few Can Deny That Colorado Has a Distinctive Allure
J. Kent Staffing, a Denver, Colorado contingency search firm and temporary staffing agency frequently conducts searches for companies and entrepreneurs opening new Denver offices. 
Since 1979, companies planning on relocating or opening new offices in Denver as well as out-of-state job seekers repeatedly quiz J. Kent’s Recruiters and Staffing Managers about our state and the state of our economy.
Whether it is a search for top Denver accounting talent, a seasoned Human Resource Manager, a Social Media Marketing Strategist or an Executive Assistant, each hiring authority or job seeker has many questions about the State of Colorado.
Few can deny that Colorado has a distinctive allure; its beautiful mountain vistas, stunning wildflowers, and modern urban areas have attracted millions of visitors and new residents over the years. We have been quizzed repeatedly; now its your turn.  Test your knowledge of this beautiful state below with a May, 2012 Colorado Fun Facts Quiz:
1. The oldest continuous residents of Colorado are Native Americans from which tribe?
    a.  The Ouray
    b.  The Ute
    c.  The Arapahoe
2. What is Colorado’s state motto?
    a.  Nothing without providence.
    b.  All for our country
    c.  Our liberties we prize and our right we will maintain.
3. What is Colorado’s highest mountain?
     a.  Mr. Elbert
     b.  Mt. Evans
     c.  Pike’s Peak
4. What is Colorado’s state nickname?
    a.  The Golden State
    b.  The Centennial State
    c.  The Mountain State
5. In what year was Colorado admitted to the Union?
    a.  1898
    b.  1888
    c.  1876
6. The “C” in the Colorado state flag is filled with gold. 
    What does this color represent?
     a.  The autumn color of Aspen trees
     b.  Gold mining in Colorado
     c.  Colorado’s abundant sunshine
7. Colorado’s state animal was nearly hunted to extinction,
    but is now a protected species. 
    What is it?
    a.  Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep
    b.  American Buffalo
    c.  Mountain Lion
8. Colorado has a higher mean elevation than any other state.  What is the mean elevation?
    a.  6,800 feet
    b.  4,600 feet
    c.  7,100 feet
9. Colorado recently decided to keep its historic welcome signs at the state border. 
    What do they read?
    a.  Colorado – Home of the Rocky Mountains
    b.  Welcome to Colorful Colorado
    c.  Welcome to the West
10. Silver Lake, Colorado holds the record for the most snowfall in a 24 hour period in the U.S. 
      How many inches fell during the great storm on April 14, 1921?
    a.  63.0 inches
    b.  70.6 inches
    c.  75.8 inches

Answer Key

1. b  |  2. a  |  3. a  |  4. b  |  5. c  |  6. c  |  7. a  |  8. a  |  9. b  | 10. c

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