Denver Staffing Agency – Email Etiquette, Top 10 “To Dos" For Denver Job Seekers

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Denver Staffing Agency – Email Etiquette, Top 10  “To Dos" For Denver Job Seekers

Part 2 of 4: When you are in the hunt for a Denver job, you must understand Email Etiquette or "Netiquette" in order to have a successful outcome for your job search.

It is important to learn Email Etiquette Dos and Don'ts.  During your job search you will have to construct emails, send attachments as directed, and may be required to carry on an e-versation (electronic conversation) with Human Resource Managers, Recruiters, and Staffing Managers.  Here are the Top 10 Email “To Dos” to help you land the job that you want. 


  1. Before Sending - Proof and Re-read:  The style of your message reflects your image and creates your brand.  Correct typos, grammar, spelling, or language errors.  Double-check everything before you send, including recipient(s), the subject, and the body of the email.
  2. Format & Organize Your Message: Use black text and standard fonts - 10pt – 12pt font size as you would in any business letter.  Use proper English with the same punctuation and capitalization as you would in a printed letter.  Use bold, italics, and white space to make important information stand out within the email, especially if you are referencing times, locations, dimensions, or specifications.  Use file attachments in a format that the receiver can access or in plain text (.txt).  Identify file attachment contents with a clear, meaningful title for ease of reference.  For example, if you are a Denver job seeker sending your resume to a potential employer, name your resume file "Smith John Resume.docx", not "Smith John v2 use this one.docx".  Be highly aware of your file names.
  3. Keep It Concise:  Keep it brief and to the point.  Try not to go beyond what can be viewed in the window of the monitor without scrolling.
  4. Tone – Understand Your Audience and Control Your Tone:  Know, understand, and reflect on your business audience before you begin writing.  Choose the right words to create a professional business tone for your email.  Understand that email is non-verbal communication and words can often be misinterpreted.  Understand that sarcasm and humor is not appropriate in business email communication.  Control the tone of your writing so your email messages will have the results they intend.  What is tone?  Tone is the quality in your writing that reveals your attitude toward your topic and the reader.  Tone comes from your choice of words, the structure of your sentences, and the order of the information that you present (sloppy, confusing, clear, well outlined, direct, precise). 
  5. Subject Field:  Construct a precise and meaningful Subject Field; this is the “shorthand” for your message content.  Ensure your subject line accurately represents the content, e.g., Preparation for Meeting, August 24, 9:00 am.
  6. Use a Salutation – Show Respect; Always Greet the Recipient:  Use a salutation or greeting such as "Dear Bob" or "Dear Mr. Roberts" unless the email is part of an ongoing e-versation. A simple “Hi” or “Hi Robert” may also be appropriate depending on the nature of the business context; you just have to know your business audience
  7. Use an Automatic Signature:  Set up your email account settings in MS Outlook, for example, so that your signature is automatically loaded at the end of every email you send.  A message from someone that isn't "signed" is unprofessional and makes it more difficult for the recipient to locate your information if he or she needs to contact you in the future without simply replying to your email. Identify yourself and leave complete contact information at the end of each and every message. 
  8. Create a Professional Email Address:  Choose your email address wisely; it will determine, in part, how you are perceived.  Try some combination of your first and last names, for example,
  9. Respond Promptly: If you cannot respond to an email promptly, or because it is complicated, at the very least email back confirming your receipt and when the sender can expect your response.  Respond within the same work day if possible, or at least within 24 hours.
  10. Close Your Email:  Take the time to write a simple closing such as  “thanks for your time”, or "I appreciate your response".  Recognize that each business situation is different; pay attention to the level of formality being used.


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