Denver Staffing Agency Hires Intercept Surveyors Using Mini-iPads for DIA Market Research Project

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Denver Staffing Agency Hires Intercept Surveyors Using Mini-iPads for DIA Market Research Project

Market research studies are conducted in Denver, Colorado in nearly every industry.  Denver is a growing, dynamic city, attracting global customers, and therefore, market conditions are frequently examined in order to understand the preference, attitudes, and behaviors of consumers in our market-based economy. Whether government or private industry, all sectors are trying to understand what products people want, who will buy them, and at what price.

Denver International Airport Contributes $22 Billion a Year to Colorado’s Economy
At the heart of our Denver market-based economy lies DIA, Denver International Airport; the only major airport to be built in the United States in the last 25 years.  However, even after one-quarter century of successful operation, what is most astounding is that DIA:

  • can accommodate 50 million passengers a year without any additional construction, and
  • contributes over 22 billion dollars a year to Colorado’s economy.

Is it any wonder that market research and consulting firms from all over the world vie for the City and County of Denver’s business?

Denver Market Research Firm Hires J. Kent Staffing to Complete 4,000 DIA Surveys in 6 Weeks
In Q4 2012, a nationally recognized, Denver based market research and consulting firm, with substantial experience evaluating economic and financial issues surrounding transportation services, and infrastructures contacted J. Kent Staffing.  The charge:  hire 16-20 technically savvy, “Tablet” Intercept Surveyors/Interviewers to complete 4,000 DIA traveler surveys, with an estimated completion timeframe of 6 weeks.

Denver Surveyors use Mini-iPads for Intercept Survey at DIA
J. Kent’s market research client, experts in designing custom research projects, analysis and reporting, required the execution of the 4,000 intercept surveys to be conducted at DIA using “tablets”, specifically mini-iPads. The benefits of tablet intercept interviews include:

  • Real-time reporting – instant feedback
  • Opportunity to interview people in close proximity to their experience
  • Location awareness -  multiple airport locations/concourses
  • Faster project turn-around time – reducing time between fielding and reporting

J. Kent Staffing Managers Hire and Manage Complex Project Logistics 
7 Days a Week, 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM

To find qualified talent and the right cultural fit with our client, and their project deliverables, J. Kent Staffing Managers hired a diverse, people oriented, technically savvy team of Denver Intercept Surveyors.  Three Survey Supervisors were also hired. Recruiting for the positions was intense with such a demanding schedule, however, the Denver intercept survey staff was identified using the following minimum requirements:

  • Education: Some college or degree preferred
  • Experience:1-3 years business experience; research or prior market research interview experience a plus, but not required
  • Computer Skills: Intermediate to advanced computer skills, proficient in MS Office, skilled in the use of tablet and hand-held device
  • Clean background check:  criminal checks, fingerprinting; operational training certification
  • DIA Security Training/Orientation:  security badging; terminal and concourse orientation; parking
  • Market Research Training: use of mini-iPad and software, passenger approach training
  • Safety Training:  in classroom
  • Availability: must be available for 6 weeks, 7 days a week for shifts from 7:00 am – 7:00 pm

Denver Staffing Managers Hire Diverse Talent – Project Completed 3 Weeks Ahead of Schedule
J. Kent Staffing Managers hired staff with a broad range of education, management experience and expertise to include some of the following:

  • Master’s degree in Electronic Printing – experienced as a Product Marketing Manager for a global film company 
  • MBA graduate with a passion for animals, having recently worked as a Clinic Manager for the Humane Society
  • Bachelor’s in Accounting candidate with 8 years of healthcare office management experience
  • BA in Psychology with Florida Air Force National Guard medical specialization training
  • BA in Philosophy experienced as an ESL Teacher with Japanese fluency.
  • BS in Economics and a recent college graduate seeking first corporate experience
  • BA in Fine Arts/Production Design experienced as a Production Assistant for Broadway’s “Wicked” NYC  

Congratulations to J. Kent’s Staffing Manager’s and its DIA Intercept Survey team for bringing in the project ahead of schedule, and budget for our market research client. 

Did You Know, Market Research Job Prospects Best With Master’s Degree?

Quick Facts Survey Researcher Market Research Analyst
2010 Median Pay  $36,050/year
Entry-Level  Education Bachelor’s Degree          Bachelor's Degree
*Job prospects best with Master’s degree

Work Experience in
Related Occupations

None None

On-the-Job Training
None None

Number of Jobs in 2010
19,600 282,700
Job Outlook
24% (faster than average)          

41% (much faster than average)

Employment Change         

4,700 116,600

*Prospects should be best for jobseekers with a master’s degree in market research, marketing, statistics, or business administration. Analysts may find more opportunities in consulting and market research firms, as companies without established marketing or research departments often find it easier to hire a person outside the organization to perform market research services.

Sources:  Bureau of Labor Statistics, Dictionary of Occupational Titles,

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