Denver Staffing Agency – Lack of Hard & Soft Skills Impact Unemployment Rate

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Denver Staffing Agency – Lack of Hard & Soft Skills Impact Unemployment Rate

Denver staffing agencies and Colorado recruiters have a daily mission to search for and recruit the most qualified talent to enhance their Candidate Pool. At J. Kent Staffing we recognize that our clients need top talent to compete, therefore, more frequently, they are requiring the right combination of "hard" and "soft" skills sets when making a new hire.  Whether our client’s organization is a Fortune 500 firm or a small, entrepreneurial company, every CEO in Denver, Colorado is looking for top talent that can bring both skill sets to the table.  

In the past few decades the lack of technical competencies or "hard skills” in the workforce has been a major crisis sited by employers when hiring new employees. However, ManpowerGroup’s 2012 Talent Shortage Survey Research Results recently found the reasons employers have difficulty filling positions is because candidates not only lack “hard” skills but also lack qualities that are described as “soft" skills.

What Are Hard and Soft Skills?
"Soft" skills are personal attributes that enhance an individual's interactions, job performance, and career prospects. Unlike "hard" skills (technical abilities and the ability to perform a certain type of task or activity), "soft" skills relate to a person's ability to interact effectively with managers, coworkers, and customers and are broadly applicable both in and outside the workplace.

Lack of Hard & Soft Skills Directly Impact the Unemployment Rate 
The lack of focus on developing STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills in many economies around the world has been a major topic for employers in recent years. While this remains a big concern for employers throughout the United States, the more shocking results are those suggesting the lack of basic “soft” skills (e.g., enthusiasm/motivation, professionalism, interpersonal skills, and attention to detail) is also now directly impacting the unemployment rate.

The Wall Street Journal Digs Deeper Into Skills Sets
In a resent Wall Street Journal article, Nick Schulz looks closer at the findings in this report as well as another recent survey by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). The SHRM and AARP survey asked employers to compare older workers (50+) to younger workers (31-), noting the major skill sets older workers possess and younger workers lack.  Here are some of the findings from the two surveys:

  • ManpowerGroup’s 2012 Talent Shortage Survey Research Results found that, “More organizations are adopting Manpower Group’s ‘teachable fit’ approach by hiring individuals without matching all of the prerequisite job skills, but who have the potential to learn and grow into the specific job role.” The motivation to learn, the professionalism during the 9-5 work day, the potential for leadership within the organization, and the lack of ethics and social responsibility are among top deviances young workers share compared to the older generations.
  • Nearly 51% of polled hiring professionals sited writing in English, particularly spelling and proper grammar, as the number one basic skill gap between the older and younger employees.
  • In addition, the SHRM/AARP study revealed the number one applied skill gap between older and younger workers was a lack of professionalism and work ethic, citing technical ability 20% less a factor.

Soft Skills Must Complement Hard Skills to Compete for Top Denver Jobs
The importance behind these findings is a major contributor to a candidate’s job qualifications. Now, the importance lies within not only a candidate’s “hard” skill sets, but also the “soft” skill sets.

Young Professionals – Who Hires the U.S. Workforce in 2012?

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