Denver Staffing Agency Reports Significant Increases in January 2012 Staffing Orders

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  • 2/1/12 |
  • 11:30 PM
Denver Staffing Agency Reports Significant Increases in January 2012 Staffing Orders

Denver Staffing Agency Sees Private Sector Job Creation Activity
January 2012 was a busy month for J. Kent Staffing in Denver, Colorado as we have seen a significant increase in Denver metro staffing requests, and hiring over January 2011. 

We are quite surprised by the surge of new orders.  It is good news for everyone, especially those of us in the private sector trying to provide jobs or help start careers for our qualified candidates and employees.  We understand the private sector job creation that we experienced, particularly by small business, is crucial to our recovery, since this sector creates 85+% of our jobs.  So we look at the increased numbers and believe that it is a good start to the year.

J. Kent Tracks New Staffing Order Activity in Three Primary Staffing Options
J. Kent has provided staffing and recruiting to the Denver marketplace since 1979, and we track our numbers consistently.  So here is a quick snapshot of the staffing activity (staffing orders) that has occurred in our three primary staffing options in January 2012 over January 2011. 

Temporary Help Services Tracked as Leading Indicator 
Temporary help services are generally considered to be a coincident indicator for economic activity and a leading indicator for overall employment outlook.  Many companies use Denver temporary help services as a means to quickly adjust their operations to meet fluctuating demands for their products and services.  J. Kent’s increased temporary staffing orders (Temp +Temp-to-Hire) are an indication that such adjustments may be taking place in the Denver business community. I certainly hope the upward trend continues through Q1 and beyond, but we will be watching our Feburary and March 2012 numbers closely.

US Creates 200,000 New Jobs in December 2011; Unemployment at 8.5%
As reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics in their December 2011 Employment Situation Report, nonfarm payroll employment rose by 200,000 in December, and the unemployment rate was 8.5%.  Hopefully the trend down will continue, but overall, we acknowledge that the job market has a long way to go in order to fully recover from the financial crisis of 2008. 

New Job Creation Ahead Will be Challenging
Although the rise in new payroll in December 2011 was acceptable, the United States still needs to add about 6 million jobs to get back to 2008 employment levels.  To keep pace, each month our economy probably needs to add 350,000 new jobs to get back to that level over the next 5-6 years.  Without those kind of increases it will take much longer.  Therefore, new job creation will be quite a challenge.  However, on the bright side, J. Kent’s significant January, 2012 increases in staffing and recruiting orders do give us heart, and hope for more new Denver jobs in the coming year.

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