Denver Temp Agency Candidate Tips - Reveal Key Skills In Your Resume

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Denver Temp Agency Candidate Tips - Reveal Key Skills In Your Resume

How do You Get Your First Entry Level Job? – Your Resume is the Valued Ticket

You are a recent college graduate, you are looking for that first entry level job to start your career, and you want to continue to live in and enjoy the Denver, Colorado lifestyle and all that our Colorado Rockies have to offer.  For the past 4 years you have worked hard in college to keep up your GPA and get involved with meaningful, on-campus activities.  Some of you may also have found part-time employment to pay for all or some of your college expenses, and you may have interned in a specific industry or studied abroad.  So how do you get that first-entry level job?  Your resume is one of the most important tickets for boarding the career train, now and in years to come.

List Strategic and Meaningful Extracurricular and Student Activities on Your Resume

Unfortunately you are short on 40 hour a week, paid work experiences and the competition is always fierce for top entry-level Denver jobs.  However, by listing some strategic and meaningful extracurricular and student activities you can show that YOU are the best candidate and immediately separate yourself from the rest of the competition.  Resumes are reviewed by Denver Human Resource Managers, corporate Denver Recruiters, Denver employment agencies, Denver temporary agencies and Staffing Mangers.  So, present your talents on your resume, strategically, clearly and concisely. 

Your Resume Gives Perspective Employers Glimpses into Your Future Job Performance

Extracurricular and student activities tell a perspective employer what kind of an employee you might be and it gives them a glimpse into your future job performance in their corporate culture. So, be brief and concise and put it on your resume if you have experience as, for example:

  • Editor of your school’s newspaper
  • Conductor of a band
  • Led a sports team
  • Took on a lead role in your sorority or fraternity
  • Organized an event

Published Written Experience or Specific Technical Training – Put it on Your Resume

Should your extracurricular activities include any published writing experience or specific technical training, add it to your resume.  In the workplace of the 21st Century you have to be able to use the written word on behalf of your company.  A testimonial of published works is a good report card; therefore, put it on your resume when applying to any jobs in the Denver, Colorado area.  Whether the communication is to an internal or external company customer, the ability to be able to express yourself in English or HTML, for example, is a valued skill.

Extra Tip 1: Most importantly, as a recent college graduate, please register with a Denver temporary agency, Denver staffing company or a Colorado employment agency as they have well-established staffing relationships or staffing contracts with Fortune 500, national, regional and local companies with offices in Denver, Colorado. 

Extra Tip 2: If you are hired by a staffing agency, you will have the opportunity to be educated about the different industries and jobs offered by American businesses when you are hired for a Temporary Assignment or Temp-to-Hire opportunity.  

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Study Abroad & Foreign Languages Peaks the Interest of the Reader

Likewise, in a global economy, foreign languages have many uses in the workplace.  This type of information definitely peaks the interest of the reader and it’s great to have on your resume as it reveals the acceptance of other cultures and the desire to work with a diversified staff.  So if you have participated in a study abroad program, make sure you list it under extracurricular experience with a foreign language when applying for any Denver jobs.

How Your Extracurricular & School Activities are Interpreted by Employers

There are many different interpretations of your extracurricular and school activities by prospective Denver Human Resource Managers and Denver Recruiters.   Here are a few examples of how hiring authorities may interpret your extracurricular and student activities when applying for Denver jobs:

  • Performs more assignments than required
  • Responsible and dependable
  • Desires to be involved
  • Ability to self-manage
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Ability to prioritize
  • Ability to be organized
  • Ability to plan
  • Ability to lead
  • Ability to manage people or groups and events
  • Ability to work on a team and plan ahead
  • Ability to work as a team player in a collaborative environment
  • Ability to complete commitments and reach goals 

Recent College Graduates

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