Reality Check - Denver Employers are Struggling to Hire

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Reality Check - Denver Employers are Struggling to Hire

BLS reports Colorado and metro Denver's unemployment rates as of April 2017:

  • 2.3% Colorado unemployment rate is lowest in the nation for the 2nd straight month. 
  • 2.1% Denver metro area (Denver, Aurora, Broomfield), the number is even more astounding.

Denver employers are struggling to hire this summer; that is fact. One reason certainly can be attributed to Denver’s current and historically low unemployment numbers. And yes, employers frequently look to these numbers as justification for their human resource departmentcorporate recruiters, or management's inability to attract, deliver and retain qualified talent for their critical professional and light industrial Direct Hire positions. Is that really true?  Possibly, but I doubt it is the primary reason.  

What is the Primary Reason - Could it Simply Boil Down to Low Wages and Mismatched Talent?
Surely, other reasons can be identified and debated, but there is one primary reason that employers are struggling to find qualified talent--low wages offered, especially for those critical positions below $50,000/year, or $24.04/hour.

What is your business strategy to attract and compete for top talent?  How much longer can you wait to fill a critical posiiton?  Is it time to re-look at your firm's manpower planning?  Is it time to review outdated recruiting and staffing plans in order to realign with the demands of available talent and the resources needed to compete in today's market, and your organization's vertical(s).  

This summer, Denver employers must make a choice. Your choice will impact contract deliverables, the ability to grow and expand, profitability, competitive positioning now and for the future and, of course, employee retention. 

What is Your Strategy to Compete for Top Denver Talent?

  • Leave positions unfilled for many months or years
  • Continue to bear the increased recruiting, hiring expenses and throw more dollars against that budget 
  • Continue to manage low employee morale, especially among middle management and supervisors, frustrated with unfilled positions affecting their department's productivity
  • Continue to bear the increased expense and frustration of ongoing employee turnover, training, development, re-hiring and re-training
  • Hire recent college graduates supported by hands-on, day-to-day training and mentoring programs (see 74 Percent of Employers Plan to Hire Recent College Graduates in 2017)
  • Fill your full-time Denver job with professional, qualified temporary staff--but be prepared for higher bill rates, not only for professional (accounting, finance, executive assistants, administrative/clerical etc.) but also for light industrial and warehouse professionals.
  • Adjust and increase wages to meet the demands of the current market and restructure, realign job descriptions (education, experience, essential functions, duties and responsibilities etc.) to ensure on-time contract deliverables in order to complete in a 21st century market and economy

In Denver's Hot Candidate Market
What is Your Corporate Strategy to Compete for Top Talent?

The Information Provided Does Not Constitute Legal Advice
J. Kent Staffing is a Denver temporary staffing agency and has a world-wide audience.  Employment
laws and regulations vary from state to state and country to country.  Therefore, employers, temporary
staffing agencies, and direct hire recruiting firms should consult their own labor or employment law
attorneys with additional questions or for guidance and more information specific to their
country, state and workplace.

Source:  American Staffing Association and Bureau of Labor Statistics

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