General J. Kent Information

How Long has J. Kent Has Been in Business?

Since 1979, J. Kent Staffing, a full-service staffing firm, has provided outstanding talent and exceptional jobs. We are recognized as one of the leaders in search, recruiting and staffing in the greater Denver metro area and the Rocky Mountain Region. As an independent staffing provider, J. Kent has maintained business continuity in the Denver market throughout the last 3 decades, meeting the economic challenges during those times.

What is J. Kent’s Candidate Recruiting Philosophy?

J. Kent recruits a diverse set of candidates with various strengths, backgrounds, experiences, and talents. Continually investing in and refreshing our large, inclusive Candidate Pool is a daily priority. At J. Kent, we work hard to bring forward candidates of exceptional qualifications and abilities of all backgrounds. We strongly believe that an organization achieves excellence when its workplace embraces all individuals. To enhance J. Kent’s Candidate Pool we:

  • Reach out to active and passive job seekers to attract and recruit the right talent
  • Attract a diverse set of potential applicants
  • Select and hire the best candidate
  • Always measure outcomes

What types of employment opportunities does J. Kent offer?

Does J. Kent specialize in specific jobs and industries?

We recruit and staff professionals for a variety of disciplines and competencies, across multiple industries, practices and sectors. Please visit Expertise for a complete and detailed listing.

Can I drop my resume by in person?

J. Kent works by appointment only. Please follow the “Complete J. Kent Registration Process.”

How do I start my job search?

Please see “The Complete J. Kent Registration Process.”

What do I pay for your service?

J. Kent’s services are provided free to you, the Candidate.

How does J. Kent get paid?

J. Kent is compensated by its corporate clients to identify qualified Candidates for Direct Hire positions, and Temp-to-Hire and Temporary assignments.

Do you offer work from home opportunities?

It is rare that we have work from home opportunities.

Do you ever get weekend or evening jobs?

The majority of J. Kent’s employment opportunities are during normal business days (Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm). However, from time to time, we do have opportunities outside of normal business hours.

What locations/areas do you service?

J. Kent Staffing is proud of its Denver roots. We are recognized as one of the leaders in search, recruiting and staffing in the greater Denver metro area and the Rocky Mountain Region. We also recruit at a national level, bringing in top talent with unique skills sets eager to move to our great city and state. We invite you to visit J. Kent’s Recruiting Zones.

I am relocating or planning to move to Colorado. Can you help me?

Regardless of current residency, please follow The Complete J. Kent Registration Process. If one of our Recruiters feels we can be a good resource for you in your job search, you will be contacted.