Project Staffing

When you need powerful productivity with measurable, time sensitive outcomes, Project Management and temporary project teams make strategic staffing sense.

Do you need highly flexible, scalable project teams dedicated to the achievement of a specific goal? Do you need a single point of contact to manage a large group of people? Do you want to use incentive programs to ensure deadlines are met and to retain staff? Successful Project Staffing requires direction, planning, control, evaluation, reporting and measurement of outcomes. J. Kent’s Project Staffing can help fill these needs.

Project Managers (PM)

A strong PM is vital to the success of the project as they effectively guide the project according to the client objectives, on schedule and on budget. PM’s are strong leaders, have the ability to motivate and develop staff and must have excellent communication, problem solving and time management skills. Whether your project is large or small, long term, short term or over several shifts, J. Kent hires Project Managers that are experienced and Certified (PMP, 120VCC, CPM, MPM, APMC).

Project Staffing
Measurable, Powerful, Productivity
Strong Leaders, Skilled Teams™