Estate & Household Management

Estate Staffing & Household Management Recruiting

The World of Private Service in the 21st Century

Private Service professionals found in Estate and Household Management are some of the most well rounded,  thoughtful, diplomatic, gracious and resourceful workers that can be found anywhere.  The unique combination required to succeed in this position is rarely found in other professions.

Level of Service & Standards Setting

Today luxury residences around the world, ranging in size from 3,000 to 80,000 square feet hire “private service professional” to execute the wishes of the Principal and their family.  Whether your private residence requires formal or informal service, from the “daily details” to complete large estate management, hiring the right staff is crucial to providing the high wealth family or busy professionals with a meticulous residence and a well-groomed property.

Positions, Titles, and the Job Description

Whether you are hiring one “private service” professional or your large estate is supported by a multi-staff, all staff members are there to ensure that the Principal’s residence or the estate is functioning seamlessly at the highest level of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.  Sometimes the job titles are confusing, therefore the importance of a clear, well-defined job description cannot be overstated.  The job description is your map to a successful hire.

Job Titles