Versatile Temporary Employee, Denver, CO

Jack-of-all-Trades Supplements Writing Career with Part-Time Temporary Work


Part-Time Office Assistant

Born in western Colorado, Griffin grew up cultivating a love for nature while exploring the vast playground of his isolated hometown. He also developed a passion for storytelling and writing which led him to University of Colorado where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film, Television, and Media Production in 2018.

Griffin has an interesting and diverse background. He’s worked for multiple non-profits, has taught English and History, has worked in marketing, as a building manager, and in membership at a gym.

His quick wit has taken him up on stage to perform stand-up comedy around Denver and Boulder. He has produced short films, commercials, documentaries, and a television show to give high school students a voice outside of the classroom.

In 2022 Griffin connected with J. Kent Staffing for supplemental part-time work while he continues to develop his career as a writer. Since starting at J. Kent in April, he has worked as an Administrative Assistant at a law firm and is currently a part-time Office Assistant at an oil and gas company in downtown Denver. He has also put his writing skills to work as a Notetaker for monthly meetings at a Homeowner’s Association.

Griffin enjoys the different experiences that temporary work offers him as well as the opportunity to meet many characters along the way! When he isn’t writing or working, he may be exploring the great outdoors, reading a book at the park, or enjoying breakfast out in his Capitol Hill neighborhood.

We love having you on our J. Kent Team, Griffin!

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