Paycheck Options

J. Kent has gone Green!
We offer 2 paperless methods for payment of wages - Direct Deposit or Paycard. Just complete and submit the Enrollment Form; your paycheck advice will be emailed to you weekly with either option.
1. Direct Deposit
  • Funds are deposited directly into your bank account
  • Availability of funds varies from bank to bank
  • Always verify your funds were received
  • J. Kent is not responsible for overdraft fees
2. Paycard
  • Pick up a Global Cash Card Paycard from J. Kent (or use your own Paycard)
  • Funds are deposited directly onto your Paycard
  • Learn how to use your Paycard with no fees!
  • For activation or questions, contact Global Cash Card at 888-220-4477, or
  • Always know your balance
  • J. Kent is not responsible for any Paycard fees