No payroll headaches, no administration, no employer paperwork, no tax reporting. Outsource – it’s a simple solution.

J. Kent’s Payrolling Service allows companies to retain their proven staff, or to bring on a new individual identified by, or referred to, your organization. Virtually any position can be payrolled by J. Kent Staffing.

What’s the Difference Between Payrolling and Temporary Staffing?

The only difference is that YOU (not J. Kent Staffing) identified or recruited the individual, and then you referred them to us to complete the vetting process – to include background checks, testing, onboarding – and to make the hire. The hourly bill rate to your company is less for Payrolling than with Temporary Staffing because you – not us – did the work to recruit and identify the candidate. J. Kent Staffing is considered the Employer of Record in both situations.

Why Use Payrolling?

How Does it Work?