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Colorado’s “Job Application Fairness Act” – Start Preparing for Compliance

Posted by: Karen Booher on November 9th, 2023

Prior to Colorado’s “Equal Pay for Equal Work Act” which went into effect in 2021, it was commonplace for job applications and interviewers to ask how much someone earned in their previous jobs. Companies, hiring managers, and recruiters have since made the necessary adjustments to eliminate questions about prior compensation from their applications and interviews.…

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J. Kent Staffing Team Heads to Las Vegas!

Posted by: Karen Booher on November 8th, 2023

A “company retreat”. “Team bonding”. An “early holiday party”. All the above! In early November, we enjoyed a weekend visit to Las Vegas that will be fondly remembered for a long time to come. Gambling, dining, dancing, lounging poolside, and the highlight – attending a Katy Perry concert. What a fun, creative entertainer she is!…

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Terminating an Employee Can Be Difficult – Here are Some Pointers

Posted by: Karen Booher on October 17th, 2023

“You’re Fired”. It may have been easy for Donald Trump in the reality TV show, The Apprentice, but many managers and HR professionals would agree that firing someone is one of the most dreaded parts of their job. A recent article from the Society of Human Resources Professionals (SHRM) provided some pointers that can help…

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Important Reminder – New Form I-9 MUST Be Used Starting Nov. 1, 2023

Posted by: Karen Booher on October 15th, 2023

For those companies who haven’t already made the transition to the new Form I-9 (issue date 8/1/2023), you must do so starting Nov. 1, 2023. You may follow this link to the Department of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website for complete instructions on the new form, as well as for the Spanish Form I-9…

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How to Create Job Postings That Attract Qualified Candidates

Posted by: Karen Booher on October 14th, 2023

Are you not getting enough quality responses from your job postings? Try incorporating some of the following tips and strategies to get a positive boost in your qualified response rate. Pay Close Attention to Your Job Title It’s okay to use a different job title in your posting than what your actual job title is…

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New Changes Coming to E-Verify in 2024 that Simplify and Integrate the I-9 Process for Employers

Posted by: Karen Booher on September 11th, 2023

Good news ahead for employers who utilize E-Verify! An upcoming revamped version of E-Verify, called E-Verify NextGen, is scheduled for release in 2024. The proposed changes in this new version are currently under review by the Office of Management and Budget. E-Verify NextGen will integrate the Form I-9 process with E-Verify, the federal government’s electronic…

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You Have an Accepted Job Offer? That’s Great, But Don’t Stop Recruiting!

Posted by: Karen Booher on September 10th, 2023

Have any employers encountered a situation where a candidate accepts a job offer, but then rescinds their acceptance before their scheduled start date? Well, you’re not alone if this is the case. It is becoming more and more common that candidates accept a job offer, and then back out before starting. Or possibly they just…

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J. Kent Staffing Delivers Palisade Peaches to our Wonderful Clients!

Posted by: Karen Booher on September 3rd, 2023

We recently received our delivery of Palisade peaches from Alida’s Fruits in Palisade, Colorado. Our team (Kara and Geena pictured in the photo) personally delivered the peaches to over 60 of our corporate clients throughout the Denver Metro area in appreciation for their business over the past year. So, what did we learn from this…

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A “Must Read” – 50 Commonly Misused Words in Business Writing

Posted by: Karen Booher on August 15th, 2023

As we all know, email is one of the most common forms of business communication. We may sound like we’re talking correctly, but when it comes to putting our words down in writing, we don’t always get it right. I recently stumbled upon a very useful article from ResourcefulManager that highlighted some of the most…

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What HR Metrics Should Your Company Be Tracking?

Posted by: Karen Booher on August 15th, 2023

HR metrics are a specific set of figures that measure the performance of an organization’s HR function. There are many different metrics, but what are the important ones and how do you make sense of them? One of our 2021 blogs discussed two important HR metrics – turnover rate and retention rate. Click here to…

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