Test the Match with our Temp-to-Hire By Design Program

A hiring strategy that allows you to assess the candidate’s skills and cultural fit in your work environment – before hiring them as your employee.

J. Kent’s Temp-to-Hire by Design is an excellent way to put top, professional talent on your staff when you are ready to hire, and combines the best aspects of Direct Hire search and Temporary Staffing. For the ultimate in control, Temp-to-Hire allows both the Denver Employer and the J. Kent Employee the time to assess the professional relationship while the employee is on assignment.

At J. Kent, Temp-to-Hire searches are handled with the same goal in mind as Direct Hire. We understand you are not just looking for a temp. You have an open position at your company, you want to be a part of the search process and interview our qualified J. Kent Candidates, and you want to make a purposeful decision which will ensure you have the right person to whom you will eventually extend an offer of employment.

The History of Temp-to-Hire

Temp-to-Hire originated during the 1982 recession in Denver, where a difficult economy and 10% unemployment rates spurred this innovative J. Kent Staffing strategy.  Employers, reluctant to use Direct Hire during the recession, welcomed this new approach. Nearly 40 years later, this flexible model is just one more way J. Kent Staffing excels at meeting the diverse needs of its clients. What a great way to Test-A-Match before making a hiring decision!

Why Temp-to-Hire?

Payroll Administration & Tax Reporting

During the Temp-to-Hire period, J. Kent is the Employer – not you. We pay our Employee weekly and are responsible for all associated payroll taxes, burden, and tax reporting. Our employees receive a W-2 from J. Kent Staffing up until you decide to hire them.

Here’s the complete list of what we cover – during the Temp-to-Hire period – so you don’t have to:

From our Payroll to your Payroll – a Seamless Transition

When you are ready to offer our J. Kent Temp-to-Hire Employee a position with your company, it is an easy and seamless transition. We ask that you contact the J. Kent Staffing Manager who has been your primary contact during this assignment to discuss the details of your offer. We then extend the offer, on your behalf, to our Employee and help with any negotiations that are needed. Upon their acceptance of your job offer and on their hire date with your company, they simply stop being a J. Kent Employee and are now your company’s employee. It’s that easy!