Direct Hire

a contingency search to find the right candidate

A collaborative partnership between J. Kent and your organization’s hiring team

J. Kent Staffing’s experienced Recruiters will work with you to develop, lead and execute the search on behalf of your company in any area of Expertise. The goal is to help you hire top core talent who make a day-to-day sustainable difference – guaranteed.

Why Direct Hire?

J. Kent’s Recruiting Program

This focused, controlled candidate selection and interview process results in a fast and effective hire for your organization. After the initial consultation with a J. Kent Recruiter, and with a typical time investment from you of a day-and-a-half for first and second-round interviews, you can quickly accomplish your hiring objective.

Start Your Search Today

Browse our Featured Candidates and explore our database of qualified and vetted candidates who are experienced in a broad cross-section of industries and functional areas of Expertise. Call 303-777-7734 to speak with a J. Kent Recruiter about your next Direct Hire – Contingency Search.