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Working Time Regulations Act (WTR)

Workforce Mix Optimization

Workers’ Compensation

Work Sharing

Work Order

Women and Minority Business Enterprise (WMBE)

White Collar Employees

Wellness Program

Well Child Care

Welfare to Work Tax Credit

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A common language is critical in today’s staffing world. A lack of common definitions can cause communication problems between your organization’s hiring professionals and your staffing vendor. In the 21st century, staffing spans a range of industries and continents, so establishing a singular “lingo” helps clarify needs and services between diverse staffing audiences – employers, candidates, employees, and staffing providers.

Sources for The Lingo

The Lingo™ by J. Kent Staffing is a compilation of terms from two sources:

  1. Staffing Industry Analysts, the premier independent advisory service about the contingent workforce
  2. J. Kent Staffing’s internal staffing dictionary