Temporary vs. Temp-to-Hire

when to use each option...


Temporary staffing can last a few days, to a few months, to a year or more, but there is almost always a definitive or estimated end date that both the Employee and the Client are aware of. While these end dates can change due to the sometimes unpredictable nature of temporary assignments, at the beginning these roles are not expected to become permanent (although they can still end up that way).

Some situations are temporary, such as maternity or medical leaves, vacation or sick relief, or needing extra staff on hand to complete a project.

Some reasons are not so obvious. We also recommend Temporary Staffing if you aren’t certain the temp position will convert to temp-to-hire (for reasons other than employee performance), such as:


Temp-to-Hire staffing uses the same structure as Temporary (i.e. J. Kent is the employer, not you). With Temp-to-Hire, the primary distinction is that you know from the outset that you have an open position that you are looking to fill versus just having an interim temporary need.

At J. Kent, we handle Temp-to-Hire searches in our Direct Hire Division with a Temp-to-Hire-By-Design strategy. We know you are looking for the RIGHT candidate whom you are hoping to eventually hire. It’s not just a temporary situation that will eventually come to an end.

To help ensure the right match, we expect you to invest your time – in addition to ours – and interview qualified J. Kent Candidates and select the top candidate to fill your role. The end goal is that our J. Kent Temp-to-Hire Employee eventually ends up receiving and accepting a job offer from your company.

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